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Randi is an inventor of new products and author of new books and properties. She created the disposable cell phone, the credit card phone, the programmable debit card, the paper laptop, and other new products and properties which range from games and game shows to high tech electronics and everything in between, including food, gifts, etc. She has licensed more than 250 projects around the World and has been associated with major licenses since she started her first company Dieceland, in 1985. Her first major project was the Miami Vice game, which put her on the map in the toy industry. She created Barbie’s 30th Birthday game, the Power Rangers games, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, the Simpson game, etc. Her blue sky products (ones she creates out of thin air) include Turbo Fist/Racing Fist with Tonka, Clay to Win game with Coleco. Little Magic Walker Doll with Tyco, Color Blaster “Fast Blast” with Kenner, Funge with Ohio Art, Bendy Wendy with Toy Biz and the Exclusive Olympic HUGS Panda with the U.S. Olympics. Television programs including “Money, Lust and Power” with Viacom, “It Pays To Complain!” with Marc Summers Productions and Shooters Productions; “Electric Ninja, High Tech Pirates, and Kinesis” with NBC.  She has written several books including her memoir: Financiers, Lawyers and Other Assorted Snakes which the New York Times called “a road map for inventors looking to bring a product to market.” Women’s Fiction: Sorry, You Can’t Enter Heaven.

Randi was the first inventor represented by the William Morris Agency and the first inventor contracted by NBC to develop merchandise based television programs. She is ranked among the top 70 inventors in the World by INSIDE SANTA'S WORKSHOP, a book focusing on the inner workings of the toy and game industry. She owns the only patented HUGS in the World. She has two patents on INTERACTIVE CEREAL and numerous patents in the telecommunication / technology fields. She has established herself as a creative resource to virtually any market from simple toys and games, to television, medical and high-tech industries. Randi’s speaking engagements range from the United States Secret Service to Harvard; Entrepreneurial groups to school children. She also teaches classes on How to Make Money from Your Ideas.

Randi and her products have appeared on many television programs, and in newspapers, and magazines around the World including the David Letterman show, the Today Show, Regis and Kelly, The CBS Early Show, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, Fox Cable, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, The New York Times, Reuters, The Daily News, The NY Post, The North Jersey Record, The cover story of the London Financial Times Sunday Magazine, The Chicago Sun Times, Investors Business Daily, The LA Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Fortune Small Business, Parade Magazine, etc. She was an expert guest on QVC, a question on Jeopardy and featured in a Ripley’s comic.

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Diece-Lisa Industries Inc.; Lots of Hugs, Dynamic Technologies Corp.; Dieceland Technology Group; Shout Out Technologies, LLC; Pop Test, LLC, Whirlwind Technologies; and Dieceland Entertainment Group.

For more information check out www.Inventing411.com or put her name into any search engine.

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